Cedar Oil

We have less over head and can sell our 100% Cedar Oil For Less, Thousands less

We make Cedar oil from the heart of the Cedar Log and Cedar Lumber scraps. The Cedar oil comes from steam past through the Cedar Mulch and Cedar Saw Dust.

1 Pint Cedar Oil 18.00


1 Qt Cedar Oil 35.00


1 Gallon Cedar Oil 120.00


5 Gallon Cedar Oil 500.00






Cedar Logs

Cedar Logs are cut here in the Ozark mountains. Our Cedar Lose are logged with in 100 mills of the Cedar Mill

Cedar Lumber

Truck Load of Cedar Lumber

We sell Cedar Lumber  and cedar Cants of all sizes around the world and USA. We are proud of our Cedar Lumber.



Cedar Log Yard

There is a lot of work that goes in to a cedar log yard. a lot of man hours cutting cedar logs

Welcome to Cedar Oil USA!

From a 8 oz bottle to a 55 gallon drum




We have cedar lumber from 1x4x48 and 96 to 1x8x96

3x3x48 4x4x8 6x6x96 8x8x96 We have a lot more and also do custom cuts.

If you are needing Cedar oil or Cedar Lumber Contact us 870-749-2091 Jim Henry    Email

Cedar Oil

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